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November 14, 2023

Building a Better Democracy: Join Michigan United’s Movement Politics Department

In today's world, our democracy desperately needs a vibrant upgrade. Enter Michigan United's Movement Politics department. We're the driving force behind a movement dedicated to transforming our state's democracy for the better. With a focus on base building, defining ambitious future goals, and an impressive network of organizers, volunteers, and supporters, we are ready to make a lasting impact.

Michigan United's Movement Politics department goes above and beyond electoral politics. We actively shape critical legislative issues, making a difference in the lives of countless Michiganders. Teaming up with Oakland Forward, we have made more than 100,000 calls into legislative districts, engaging in over 3,000 conversations about immigrant rights. The result is a growing network of vocal legislative allies and a shift in the mindset of those who were once on the fence. Our department is confident that our efforts will translate into the passage of important bills in 2024.

Our Movement Politics department has taken charge of securing a sustainable future! Our energy accountability campaign has been instrumental in passing landmark energy legislation mandating Michigan's 100% clean energy future by 2040. While it's not perfect, it's a start towards a greener, more sustainable state. But the battle doesn't end there. Our team is now gearing up to take on the energy lobby and remove corporate money from politics, ensuring our democracy is truly by and for the people.

Michigan United's Movement Politics department has repeatedly proven we can achieve tangible results. Our tireless efforts have led to critical legislative wins, such as a firearm ban for individuals convicted of domestic abuse, a crucial step to protect our communities from gun violence. Our championing the Reproductive Health Act ensures that women in Michigan have access to the life-saving healthcare they deserve. Through volunteer phone banks and direct engagement with legislators, we have shown the power of grassroots efforts in bringing about meaningful change.

Achievements aside, we know our fight is far from over. We are determined to match the epic voter turnout 2020 in 2024, but we can't do it alone. We need all Michigan United members to step forward and join our volunteer program, specifically for absentee ballot signups during the upcoming Presidential primary election. Every voice and every action matters in building a stronger, fairer, and more just democracy.


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