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The Project 3.5 Message Update, Week of 7.15
A timely update on media strategy for members, community activists and leaders.
Ten Questions about Taking Back Our Power
The Taking Back Our Power bill is campaign finance reform that will take money and influence out of Michigan politics.
Care Over Cost: Standing Together Against Healthcare Denials
Last Tuesday over 100 of us gathered at the UnitedHealth Group lobby. Our demonstration challenged the profit-driven practices the #1 health insurer.
Immigration: Know Your Rights
A presentation of what you should know NOW
Let’s Talk About African and Black Immigrants Mental Health Awareness
It's essential to promote culturally sensitive mental health services and encourage open discussions about mental well-being. Education, community support, and addressing systemic inequities can help improve mental health outcomes.
Introducing Project 3.5 and the Power of a Committed Few
We want to create lasting, sustainable change. To build that power, we need to organize 3.5% of the state’s population. Starting with you.


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