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Why contribute to Project 3.5?

Exclusive Training and Resources
As a trial member, you will gain access to hundreds of hours of Michigan United organizer training materials. Learn essential skills in listening, communication, and planning to become a powerful advocate for the people in your community. Our comprehensive training will prepare you to lead, influence, and make a tangible difference.

Members-Only Events for 30 days
Engage with fellow change-makers at exclusive members-only events. These gatherings include advanced training sessions on negotiation, advocacy, and power building. Network with like-minded individuals and collaborate on strategies to tackle the most pressing issues facing our state.

Direct Action Opportunities for 30 days
Stand with us at direct actions to oppose racial, gender, and economic injustice. Participate in demonstrations, rallies, and advocacy campaigns that address the critical issues we face today. Your involvement will be instrumental in pushing forward our shared goals.