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The power of a committed few

Throughout American history, real and lasting change has been led by a committed few. In the mid-1760s, colonial organizers built networks of people outraged by the king’s Stamp Act. In the years before the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, women organized against the “Cult of True Womanhood” and its impossible vision of women as the ever-pious, submissive, home-obsessed wife. In 1934, Henry Gerber started the Chicago Society for Human Rights, a gay-rights advocacy that pre-dates Stonewall by decades.

These examples and more reiterate one truth that Margaret Mead found about change and society:

"History teaches us that even a small, committed group of individuals can transform the world. Imagine what 3.5% of the population can achieve."

--Margaret Mead

That's our goal. To organize 3.5% of the state, tear down the barriers of inequality and replace what remains with dignity and opportunity.

3.5% seems like nothing when compared to the other 96-plus. The successes of the committed few mentioned above stand today as a superpower, an empowered gender, and a people slowly but certainly moving towards public acceptance. With your help, maybe we can do something ambitious as well.

We want to organize 3.5% of the state of Michigan

We need you and 349,999 Michiganders.

At Michigan United, we see the effort needed to dismantle the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality. To build that kind of power, we need to organize 3.5% of the state’s population. Starting with you. 

Project 3.5 is the attendance of three U of M football home games or 16 Tiger home games.

But instead of winning on the field, we need your help fighting to win on healthcare, a clean environment, equitable treatment of immigrants, and reforming how the system treats people released from the corrections system.

Our plan is to organize 3.5% of Michigan, tear down the barriers of inequality and replace what remains with dignity and opportunity.

This is your chance to become the leader you've always wanted to see. Your $25/month contribution gets you:

Access to Exclusive Educatonal Content:

  • Hundreds of hours of Michigan United organizer training materials.
  • Master listening, communication, and planning skills to become a community advocate.

Members-Only Events:

  • Seminars on negotiation, advocacy, and power building.
  • Participate in direct actions against racial, gender, and economic injustice.
  • Special events shaping the future of our cities and state.

Lobbying and Advocacy:

  • Join Capitol Day events to lobby for community interests in Lansing.

These battles aren’t televised, but the victories resonate generations into the future. Become part of our Committed Few and help us change Michigan for the better.

Tap here and join Project 3.5 today.

To build this movement right, we need people and money

Are you a community leader or want to become one? Join us. Are you a person who wants to do more but can't because of "life"? Be a part of Project 3.5. Do you believe in the goal but would rather let your dollars do the talking? Welcome to the Committed Few.

It's how you can become an agent of change

As a member of Project 3.5, you will gain access to hundreds of hours of Michigan United organizer training material. Learn the listening, communication, and planning skills to become an effective advocate for the people in your neighborhood.

Join us at members-only events for training on negotiation, advocacy, and power building. Stand with us at direct actions to oppose racial, gender, and economic injustice. Sit with us at special events directly connected to the future of our cities and state. Walk the corridors of power with us in Lansing as we lobby for the people on Capitol Day.

The Committed Few needs leaders.

Join Project 3.5 and become the one you’ve wanted to be.

Join at $25/month or support Project 3.5 in any way you can

Every dollar is appreciated and important. We are good stewards of your hard-earned money. Michigan United is a registered 501c3 and c4 organization in good standing. We are committed to:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Healthcare
  • Transformative Justice
  • Movement Politics
  • Election Protection

Michigan United is the healthcare people who vaccinated individuals in neighborhoods during the pandemic and who show up weekly to administer community health clinics. Our Movement Politics program flexes the power we’ve built with elected officials and the government. Our Environmental Justice program has notched recent victories helping keep the air of urban neighborhoods cleaner. We have one of the few statewide programs that provide education, citizenship classes, and legal services to immigrants. And our Election Protection program swims against the tide of disinformation to ensure fair elections.

We’ve started a new recurring membership program for just $25/month.

Tap here to join Project 3.5 and become a member of the Committed Few. We’ll show you a way to help solve the problems of the day.

How do we overcome today’s problems? Together.

The Revolutionary-era organizer Thomas Paine, the person that penned “these are the times that try men’s souls” didn’t have the troubles we do today. But he did have the courage to join something bigger than himself.

He ended up founding a country. What do you want to do?

Join Project 3.5 today.

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