Project 3.5

Project 3.5: Building Power Through Continuous, Sustained Progress

"History teaches us that even a small, committed group of individuals can transform the world. Imagine what 3.5% of the population can achieve."

--Margaret Mead

Join Project 3.5 and become part of a new movement to drive change. By harnessing the power of just 3.5% of Michiganders, we can dismantle the barriers of division and inequity that hold us back. With your membership we can show you how to build power where you live. Your monthly contribution creates a sustainable foundation to fight for dignity, opportunity and justice. 

How Project 35 Makes a Difference 

  1. Consistent Support: Your membership ensures steady and reliable support for our programs that fight for racial, economic and gender justice.
  2. Building Power, Individually and Together: Michigan United on providing individuals and communities with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to achieve self-sufficiency. This empowerment creates a foundation for ongoing improvement and resilience.
  3. Creating Critical Mass: You help us build the infrastructure to organize 350,000 people. Mobilizing 3.5% of the population can change everything.
  4. A Strategic, Sustained Effort: Continuous progress is achieved through regular, ongoing efforts rather than one-time interventions. This approach ensures that Project 35 is able to adapt while maintaining momentum over time.
  5. Comprehensive Strategies: Combining various strategies such as education, advocacy, and direct action, Project 3.5 addresses root causes of issues, leading to holistic and enduring solutions.

Your $25/month recurring contribution gets you:

Access to Exclusive Training:

  • Hundreds of hours of Michigan United organizer training materials.
  • Master listening, communication, and planning skills to become a community advocate.

Members-Only Events:

  • Training on negotiation, advocacy, and power building.
  • Participate in direct actions against racial, gender, and economic injustice.
  • Special events shaping the future of our cities and state.

Lobbying and Advocacy:

  • Join Capitol Day events to lobby for community interests in Lansing.

Benefits of Joining Project 3.5

  • Empower Yourself with Knowledge: As a member, you will have access to extensive organizer training resources. Our materials will help you develop critical skills in communication, planning, and advocacy, making you an effective leader and change agent in your community.

  • Exclusive Member Events: Gain entry to exclusive events where you can connect with other members and learn from experts in negotiation, advocacy, and power-building. These events are opportunities to grow, network, and strategize on making significant impacts.

  • Active Involvement in Change: Participate in direct actions and advocacy campaigns to fight against racial, gender, and economic injustices. Your involvement will amplify our collective voice and help us achieve our goals.

  • Influence Policy and Legislation: Join us in our efforts to influence policy in Lansing. Be part of Capitol Day, where you’ll have the chance to meet with lawmakers and advocate for crucial issues such as healthcare, environmental protection, immigrant rights, and criminal justice reform.

By contributing just $25 per month, you support programs dedicated to:

  • Environmental Justice: Combating pollution and fostering sustainability.
  • Immigrant Rights: Providing educational and legal support.
  • Healthcare Access: Delivering vital health services to underserved communities.
  • Transformative Justice: Promoting fair treatment for individuals post-incarceration.
  • Movement Politics: Empowering communities to influence government decisions.
  • Election Protection: Ensuring fair and transparent elections.

Join Project 3.5 today and be part of a movement that drives real progress. Together, we can harness the power of a committed minority to create continuous, sustained progress and sustainable growth. Commit to a monthly gift and help us build a foundation for lasting impact.


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