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Thank you for celebrating MLK weekend with Michigan United!
We want to personally thank you for joining us to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. It was jam-packed. It began when we honored his legacy with a thought-provoking conversation on race at our rally with special guests Dr. Louis Forsythe II, Dr. Irene Lietz, and Dr. Patricia Coleman-Burns. On Monday, we held a …
Join the Fight for Environmental Justice: How You Can Hold Utility Companies Accountable!
Michigan United's Environmental Justice team has worked tirelessly to hold utility companies accountable and promote energy democracy. Unfortunately, Michiganders only receive $35 for their losses during every power outage, while these companies charge higher rates. This is unacceptable, and we need to demand more.
Building a Better Democracy: Join Michigan United’s Movement Politics Department
In today's world, our democracy desperately needs a vibrant upgrade. Enter Michigan United's Movement Politics department. We're the driving force behind a movement dedicated to transforming our state's democracy for the better. With a focus on base building, defining ambitious future goals, and an impressive network of organizers, volunteers, and supporters, we are ready to …
Ceasefire now! Statement on Gaza
At Michigan United, we are deeply concerned about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We understand the profound impact of systemic oppression and injustice, and we firmly believe that solidarity knows no borders.


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