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You’re just one step away from joining Project 3.5!

By finalizing your membership, you’re aligning yourself with a movement dedicated to creating real change in Michigan. Complete your membership today and be part of something extraordinary.

Your Membership Benefits

Comprehensive Training Programs
Unlock access to extensive Michigan United organizer training materials. Develop essential skills in listening, communication, and strategic planning to become a formidable advocate for your community. Our training is designed to equip you with the tools needed to lead and inspire change.

Exclusive Access to Events
As a member, you’ll be invited to members-only events featuring advanced training sessions on negotiation, advocacy, and power building. Connect with fellow activists, share ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that address the critical issues we face.

Active Participation in Direct Actions
Join us in direct actions to combat racial, gender, and economic injustice. Participate in impactful demonstrations, rallies, and advocacy campaigns. Your presence and voice will be crucial in advancing our collective goals.

Policy and Legislative Influence
Accompany us to Lansing for Capitol Day, where you’ll engage directly with policymakers. Advocate for vital issues such as healthcare reform, environmental protection, immigrant rights, and criminal justice reform. Help shape the policies that will define our future.

Why it matters

Your membership is essential to sustaining our mission. By committing to a recurring donation of $25 per month, you support our programs focused on: